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Inner compass is a company with a holistic focused approach to life, self-improvement, self-empowerment, and personal growth.

Inner Compass is a platform made by women to women.

Inner Compass is project-based, where each project goes deeper into a certain niche. Even though Inner Compass has a sole Owner, different people can become partners in different projects.

Nathalia van der Veer

Founder and CEO of Inner Compass

The story I want to tell you today is the story of me as a founder.

As a good Pisces, I was early on interested in the mysteries surrounding us, and I was always searching for ways to help others. As I grew up, my Taurus rising required some structure, and that’s how I ended up doing a BA in Physical Therapy.

While in University, I was able to see from the inside The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from the Health Industry. During University, it was expected of the students to dedicate 100% to learning how to take care of others, even if that meant sleepless nights combined with throwing the mental and emotional health down the drain. I couldn’t agree with this concept any less.

After University, I still had a deep desire to help, but I couldn’t see myself fitting in (or fixing) that broken model. Eventually, I became a holistic therapist, whenI learned that not only could I take care of myself first but that this was essential if I wanted to help.

So I worked on myself, and I keep on doing this every day. Self-improvement became a lifestyle.


Most businesses start because something was deeply bothering their founder.

Too much for one person

Let’s be honest: the Internet can be overwhelming. Extra if you are a solopreneur.

I soon realised that even though I had so much to deliver, I often sabotaged my growth on social media. I was not too fond of the idea of dedicating even more time to work. Or the sticky feeling that even though I did a lot, there was always so much more to be done.
Messages to respond, questions to answer, post to create (text and art), etc.
The Internet opens so many doors. Nevertheless, it’s overwhelming to grow in it all by yourself. Even more, if you want to deliver high-quality content, do your core work activity and have a life.
More often than not, I started feeling that I would pause life and work to produce content. Even though I had many content ideas, I pushed so many of them aside because the idea of post-production, advertising was so overwhelming I just couldn’t.
Talking to my friends doing their holistic businesses, I found out that they had similar discomforts. They were also in that limbo of wanting to produce less and focus their energy on what they loved but pushing through to satisfy the very feared and hungry algorithm.
This is one of the things I want to solve with Inner Compass for myself, for my friends, and for you.
This unguided Journey was bumpy, but it taught me something so precious that I couldn’t even imagine as a child: there is no Guru.

The time for know-it-all Gurus is over. We, are living the time to connect with our Inner Guru or our Inner Compass. The people we meet can be great Teachers and Masters, but the knowledge they offer should always pass for the filter of your Inner Compass.

This is why I want to bring as many Teachers and Masters that are aligned with this so people can encounter different points of view to connect further with themselves.


Many times in my childhood, I asked God for a Guru to give me guidance towards my spiritual path. Thankfully the Guru never came. While my thirst for knowledge and growth only grew, leading me into studying a lot.


Inner Compass, being niche-project-based, came from another “pain of mine”: having an abundance of ideas. I want to see them come to life, but it seems impossible to do all of them by myself since time is a somewhat limited resource.
The seed for Cosmic Love Portals came from my pregnancy and all the internal processes it generated. It was powerful and intense. Having the right tools made a big difference, and I want to help other moms go through pregnancy and maternity with good holistic coping tools.

The Goddess Entrepreneur came from my passion for the business world and its capacity to generate change if you go in with the right mindset. I still have a lot to figure out regarding the Structure of Inner Compass as a business, which brought me to study Systemic Constellations for Organizations and other things I want to share this figuring out together and debating with other Goddess Entrepreneurs out there.
This is a bit of me and how my personal story, discomforts, and desires helped to weave this soulful purpose-driven business called Inner Compass.


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Inner Compass is an activation portal to your inner wisdom. 
Through self-improvement and spiritual initiations, we guide the opening of the body, mind, and spirit to the infinite possibilities within.

Words | live by

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  
Albert Einstein

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